“Duluth First UMC Worships Here” Lawn and Door Signs Are Available!

“Duluth First UMC Worship Here” lawn signs and door signs (smaller in size than the lawn signs) are available for you to display on your lawn or door, letting neighbors know that you worship in-person and/or online at Duluth First UMC. Signs can be picked up in the 1st floor Family Life Center hallway, just outside of Rev. Beth Brown Shugart’s office. Beth will reserve a sign for you if you’d like - just contact her by e-mail at bshugart@duluthumc.org.

Duluth First UMC Worships Here Photos

Where's John Wesley?

Are you missing the church buildings?  Here's a game full of church pictures. "Bobblehead" John Wesley has visited 21 sites at our church.  Check out the pictures by clicking on Where's John Wesley? Send your answers to sesquicentennial@duluthumc.org.  You'll get a reply and the answers.  Good luck!