Small Group Studies for Adults

We offer a variety of small group studies throughout the year, including Disciple Bible Study, a 30-34 week study to “equip the saints.” Study groups for women meet on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. There are groups on Wednesday evenings (seasonal; April - August) with a variety of topics. For additional information, please contact Rev. C. Kay Fuino, Associate Pastor, by e-mail at

  • Preparing for Lent with The Greatest Showman

    Study Begins March 13th

    Lent is the preparation we do to receive Christ on Easter Sunday.  There are always options for us as to how we prepare, study or simply glide through the season.  This year one option, a study based on the popular movie The Greatest Showman, is From Now On: A Lent Course on Hope and Redemption, by Rachel Mann. Taking the film The Greatest Showman as a starting point, the course explores ways in which themes of faith, hope and redemption run through all our lives.  It examines how each of us, like P. T. Barnum and the members of his circus, face and can overcome doubt, temptation and prejudice, and how we can begin to live authentic lives.

    We will begin by watching the movie together in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, March 10th, at 2 p.m., or you may watch it on your own at some time prior to our first class. The five-week study, led by Rev. C. Kay Fuino, begins on Wednesday, March 13th, from 6 to 7 p.m. in room F-145. Books for the study are $10 and are available on Amazon or we can order one for you.

    Please contact Tracy Brinker by e-mail at, or at 770-476-3776, to register for the study. Let her know if you want to attend the movie on March 10th and if you will need childcare that day. Please let her know if you want the church to order your copy of the book. Please contact Rev. C. Kay Fuino by e-mail at or call 770-476-3776, ext. 117, for additional information.

  • Biblical Compatibility of Divine Creation with the Latest Developments in Science including “Some” Evolution

    Study begins february 20th

    The biblical account of Creation as it is in Genesis will be addressed and compared with the latest scientific analysis of the origin of the universe and the earth.  This study, written and led by Richard Sudduth, PhD, will meet Wednesday evenings, February 20th & 27th, beginning at 6 p.m. in rooms F-205/206.

    Ironically, it appears to be a scientific necessity to have a God to initiate many aspects of the “Big Bang” as well as many other aspects of the origin of the universe and earth itself.  The latest scientific analysis of the origin of the universe and the earth will also be shown to effectively describe some of the unexplained accounts of creation as described in Genesis.

    In addition, the remarkable parallel between the order of creation in Genesis with the order proposed by Darwin involving evolution will be shown to be consistent with the latest scientific developments.  The probability that God also allows “some” evolutionary processes to exist will also be shown to be difficult to avoid.  Finally, the scientific desirability of having a God to explain species jumps in the evolutionary process as initially proposed by Darwin will also be addressed.