Stewardship 2021:

"Are You Feeding Your Soul?"

That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?  Did you know that your soul, just like your body, needs nourishment and care?  We feed our physical bodies each day with food and drink that provide us with fuel and keep us strong, but what about our soul?  Isn’t it just as important to keep your soul healthy and strong like your body?  You bet!  Each day your soul should be fed and nourished.  Each day it needs to be refueled so that it can face the challenges of this world.

So, how do we do that?  What kind of fuel does your soul need, and where do we find it?  I’ll bet you already know the answer – the Bible!  Matthew 4:4 (NLT) says, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Those words remind us that it’s important to feed our bodies and our souls.  Reading the Bible every day and studying the scriptures is the best way to feed your soul and to keep it strong and healthy.

Another excellent source of this “soul food” is the Church!  By becoming faithful members of Duluth First United Methodist Church and participating in its ministries, we are sharing in the love of God, we are feeding our souls, and we are helping to feed the souls of others, too. 

Giving to the Church is one of the many ways we can show our love for the Lord and follow His commandment to love our neighbors.  Our tithes and offerings help the Church feed the souls of everyone it touches.  In fact, tithing (giving 10% of our income) is part of how we honor and thank God for all the blessings he has bestowed on us.  Proverbs 3:9 (NLT) says, “Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce.”  The best part, not the leftovers.  Think about your household budget.  Is God the first line, or the last?  Does He get a portion of what’s left over after you’ve paid all your other bills, or does He get the first fruits?

As Christians looking for ways to feed our souls and the souls of our neighbors, we should commit ourselves to grow one step each year until we reach the tithe.  How much of your income did you give to the church last year?  1-2%?  This year, why not try 2-3%?  If you gave 7-8%, why not try 8-9% this year?  Why not grow one step?  Are you afraid of giving too much to God?  Are you nervous that you won’t have enough left over for yourself and your family?  Don’t be.  If you think about it, it all comes down to faith and trust.  God works through the church. The church needs money to support all the wonderful ministries we offer.  The church needs money to reach out into the community and shine the light of Christ.  The church needs money to fulfill its mission of welcoming the stranger, healing the broken, and saving the sinner.

Are you feeding your soul?  Try growing one step in your giving.  When your soul is nourished and strong, you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit inside of you.  You start to see the world in a whole new light.  You can see God’s handiwork everywhere!  You are working toward the goal of honoring God with your tithe. Will you help us spread God’s word and grow His kingdom by growing one step?

Please consider your estimate of giving for 2021. Please click on Stewardship 2021 Estimate of Giving and fill out a simple Estimate of Giving card online. Please click on Grow One Step 2021 to download copies of the Grow One Step charts. You can set up automatic recurrent electronic giving by clicking on Duluth First UMC Online Giving.

Consecration Sunday is November 15th. At worship that day we will consecrate our estimates of giving for 2021. If you worship in person that day you can bring your Estimate of Giving card with you. Cards will be available here at the church as well. If you worship online, please fill out your online Estimate of Giving card by November 15th. You can also e-mail Jan Jones, Financial Assistant, here at the church with your estimate and/or any questions you may have:

In His Service,
Bryan Johnson,
Duluth First UMC Stewardship Chair